Video Futures and Futures Planning

Equipment Recommendations

Most organizations—schools, agencies, families, support groups, clinicians, sports coaches,—already have just about everything needed to create video futures. Self modeling, or video feedforward, can be successful using cheap, basic equipment. But some factors make the life of the self modeler a bit easier.

What equipment you can’t live without Equipment that makes life easier Long term video commitment
Camcorder Tripod *Editing computer or other editing system
VCR Microphones Additional monitor
TV/Monitor Headset Specialized camera/recorder
Patch cords Extra battery CD or DVD burner
Videotapes Carry Bag Audiotape decks
    Lighting equipment
    Reference books etc.
    Video magazine subscription

Click on the links below for detailed recommendations on these items. There are no guarantees, but we try to get you headed in the right direction for the right reasons. We can’t list all possibilities or keep completely up to date—we just hope you enjoy the selection! *These days we recommend a digital camcorder and modern computer for editing. Apple is best, with iMovie preinstalled. For PC and Unix, we currently recommend U-Lead editing software (approx $60). Please let us know your experiences and recommendations.