Video Futures and Futures Planning

Project Overview

Video Futures provide some of the most powerful ways to create personal change. Video Futures centers provide (self-)instructional materials and consultation to educators, clinicians, and family members in the use of positive video futures strategies (self modeling, feedforward, video explorations).

These strategies have been used to help young children’s speech and language development, adults with autism, personal safety, and top athletes in international sports. They’ve been used for school engagement, to improve transitions, and many others endeavors.

Video Futures centers are here in Hawai‘i at the Center on Disability Studies and Creating Futures Inc., in Alaska (University Center for Human Development), and at the University of Kentucky (Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute). Other centers for information and training are in Christchurch (Waitaha Learning Centre, Aotearoa New Zealand); Tennessee (RISE, University of Memphis); in Indiana (Indiana Resource Center for Autism) and elsewhere.

Video Futures Start-Up Kits are available from this site. This Kit includes:

  • 4 Videos: how-to step-by-step (matched to the Guidebook), an overview, and loads of examples
  • Users’ Guidebook: field tested, recently revised, step-by-step teach yourself (and others)
  • Cases studies, articles, access to further consultation, many free services.

Learn More about Startup kits | Download Video Futures Startup Kit Order Form

Acknowledgment: The development of Video Futures was partly funded from many sources. These include the NZ Child Health Foundation in the late 1970s, and the US Department of Education (Office of Special Education Programs) from 1993-2000. These sources are gratefully acknowledged but no endorsement is implied.