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Video Futures

The Video Futures Start Up Kit is an innovative tool useful for students with and without disabilities. This kit was developed to prevent student dropout, build skills in a variety of areas, and help students gain employment. With the recent advances in video technology its application to the classroom is becoming more widespread. The Kit illustrates how to use video technology to create powerful interventions that can be easily applied by teachers, speech therapists, and other school personnel. One important element of the intervention is Video Self Modeling or, Video Feedforward, which uses positive self-images to help students develop specific skills-and create behaviors that do not currently exist, increase self-confidence, improve self-image, apply classroom skills to the real world, and reduce the fear of failure. Another intervention strategy included in the kit is Video-Based Futures Planning. This strategy is a specific application of video self modeling that assists young adults in creating a vision of their future.

The Video Futures Start Up Kit includes [a DVD (PAL or NTSC) or VHS tapes (NTSC only)]:

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