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TeenACE Reading and Writing

TeenACE engages readers and motivates reading through success-driven, enjoyable and appropriately challenging literacy activities that are culturally appropriate. TeenACE uses technology to engage teens in literacy development and fun. During the 8-week program teens participate in 16 hours of story development, writing, recording and sharing. Teens work in pairs and choose from 9 picture sets each consisting of 9 pictures. They organize the sequence of pictures and begin to write sentences for each. When ready, students open computer templates reflecting the picture set of their choice and begin inputting their story on the computer. Teens then narrate their own story and share the results with peers and/or younger children. With the writing of each additional story, teens are asked to include additional, more complex story elements.

TeenACE Package includes:

TeenACE Templates

Download Templates (Zip Archive)


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