Creating Futures Products

Startup Kits

ACE Reading, Kindergarten ACE (K-ACE), Computer ACE (C-ACE), TeenACE and Video Futures startup kits are available. Startup kits are intended for school principals, teachers and specialists who wish to establish a supplemental literacy programs at their schools to help students with learning difficulties. Kits are used by agency personnel, non-profit organizations (e.g., religious organizations with after school programs), and schools.

All ACE (Accelerated Community Empowerment) programs provide schools and programs with cost effective, community based resources. ACE trains and supports volunteer community partners as tutors and coordinators of the program within their schools. The procedures and activities are described in simple language, avoiding technical terminology as much as possible, so community partners without specialization in reading and writing can understand and follow through. Each ACE kit includes a:

Each package includes program philosophy, overviews, case studies, articles, references and resources. In addition to the items above the ACE Video tutoring video (demonstrates repeated passage reading, sight word procedures, and frequent praise) and Video Futures brochure are available.

The two newest members of the ACE literacy family are Artful ACE and ACE Puzzles (PZK-12) for Math:

Artful ACE is based on the theory that art provides a strength-based bridge between print and visual images that maximizes language development and use.

ACE Puzzles is designed to improve fluency in numeric equations, math comprehension and problem solving in teens. Teens work in small groups to solve math problem sets and generate similar problems (to generalize learning) to challenge and teach peers.

Startup kits will be available for these two programs in the near future-stay tuned or contact Dr. Peter Dowrick at for more information.