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Fostering Self Determination

This Guide offers a compilation of activities and lesson plans from numerous resources. The goal in creating this guide is to provide educators with a basic understanding of the concept of self-determination, and to present a variety of sample lesson-style activities and curricula designed to enhance self-determination skills. New activities and ideas include the Video Futures Project and a compilation of additional resources is located in the Appendices. The topics to be the most important elements of self-determination are addressed:

Monitoring and Assessment [Call for Quote]

This package includes: (a) instructions for assessment and record keeping; (b) sets of monitoring probes from pre-primer to grade 2; (c) a computer diskette version of print materials; (d) additional monitoring guidelines.

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On-site Training, Mentoring and Support for Each Package; Standardized Assessments (Pre- and Post-) for Each Package Consultation