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ACE Puzzles (PzK-12) for Math

ACE Puzzles is a supplementary educational activity to promote problem solving and fluency in mathematics. It is designed for multiple teams of children who work together to solve word problems presented as puzzles, to invent new puzzles, and practice elementary arithmetic through games. ACE Puzzles comes in different packages (e.g., Pz4, Pz6, Pz9) to address different grade levels. With suitable organization, children of highly varying abilities can participate and succeed. Activities are student led supporting discovery and self-sufficiency; math is not taught and should always seem different from class-as-usual. It is staffed by a coordinator and by one Coach for two Teams. ACE Puzzles is designed to run 2-4 times a week for about 30 sessions. Each day, the children do Puzzles for 40 minutes, finishing with fluency for 20 minutes.

ACE Puzzles Package Includes: