Native Hawaiian Programs

Ko Kula Kai: Documenting the Living Machine Project Curriculum

Creating Futures is collaborating with Halau Ku Mana New Century Charter School to document its Ko Kula Kai curriculum. Ko Kula Kai focuses on Hawaiian coral reefs as ecological communities, recreational sites and the foundation of our ocean’s food chain. In this project-based, multi-disciplinary classroom, middle school students experiment with closed-system aquaculture and alternative methods of water treatment through our Living Machine Project. Students explore and evaluate their roles as consumers and stewards of these unique ocean habitats in the hopes that they can find a balance between the two. Students experience the Living Machine Project through 3 lenses: Language Arts (the use of understanding to create original works drawn from unique life experiences); Math (concepts applied to solve real problems in observing and preserving natural environments); and Science (the scientific version of creation, which is reflected of the wisdom of our kupuna and how to perpetuate that wisdom through modern scientific exploration and technology).

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